Nigerian Universities Female Students Cry Out “Our Lecturers Are Sexually Harassing Us”

DRIVES ME CRAZY! Parents are paying large sum of money to sponsor their kids to higher tertiary institutions in Nigeria yet, some Lecturers/Professors have the guts to threaten a student that if they refused to have sexual intercourse with them, the student is bound to fail his course!

This In most case, are female students who are being threatened and pressurized by male lecturers, who are aged to be their parents, and sadly, thousands of Nigeria female students have fall into this malicious scheme.

However, CRUTECH female students decided that ENOUGH is ENOUGH, as they strongly protested against some Lecturers/School staffs molesting them and pressurizing them to choose the options below!.

1. Have sex With Me.
2. Or Fail Your Course/ Have a Missing Script.

About 2000 female students of Cross River University of Technology (CRUTECH) have come out to protest over the alleged sexual harassment, molestation and extortion of female students by some staff of the academic institution. These Students decided to tell the world, and mostly, the Nigerian Government/Minister of Education through placard, that lecturers have continuously/non-stop sexually harass female students of the institution.

The CRUTECH Students, which consists of male and female students, carrying placards, blocked traffic at Eleven-Eleven Bus Stop on their way to the Government House, in Calabar to register their grievance.

Some of the placards being carried by the students had inscriptions things such as:

– Sexual harassment of female students..
– Female molestation.
– Extortion of money from students
– No better lecture hall
Among other placards.

We sincerely pray that the culprits who are molesting our children in schools be caught and seriously dealt with by the Law.

Source: DailySchoolNews

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